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    signe●d an agreement with ●Cameroon Telecom ○(CamTel) to constru?/p>

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    鯿t a South Atlantic ○Inter Link◆ (SAIL) cable● network, 6,000-km. ■

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    in length.F〓rom Cameroon to ■BrazilChina Unicom a●nd CamTel will wo

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rk〓 with Huawei Mari◆ne Networks Co. L〓td., a sub◆marine cable n◆etworks so■lutions provi〓der, to conn●ect an undersea◆ cable that r〓uns from Kribi D■eep Sea Port, Ca■meroon to Fort●aleza Brazil.Tota○l construction◆ costs are expect●ed to hit US$◆136 million and take● about 24 ●months to c◆omplete. S■A

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frica○ and South Ame●rica.SAIL would 〓provide reliable int●ercontinental 〓telecom services f◆or Brazilians and〓 Cameroonians.〓 It's the f■irst large-scale pr〓oject in the re〓gion led by one 〓of the Big 3 Chine〓se Telecom oper○ators and China-b■ased equipmen◆t manufacturers.Chi●na Unicom an●d CamTel are re

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s●ponsible for the ◆building and main○tenance of SAI●L, while Huawei M●arine Networ■ks delivers systemat○ic solutio◆ns.US$85 milli◆on of SAIL was fund〓ed by Export-Import ■Bank of Ch○ina, while th〓e remainder was ●co

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vered by CamTe■l, which incl■udes China ■Unicom financin●g US$34 mil●lion to the● Cameroon-based tel●ecom.Upgrading Cam〓eroon's futureIn C〓ameroon's cap●ital city - Ya■ounde - on June 27,● Huawei Techno●logies Co.

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Lt◆d. Chief Executiv●e Officer (●CEO) Guo Ping, C●hina Unicom C〓EO Lu Yimin and● CamTel Genera●l Manager (GM) Da◆vid Nkoto Eman■e, signed the f〓ormal agreeme○nt."China has stra■tegic partne●rships wit●h Africa and S

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o〓uth America," the Gl〓obal Times quote■s Lu as saying. "S●AIL not only〓 provides high-q●uality intern●ational communicat■ions services ○to countrie●s in these 〓two contin●ents, but also ser●ves Chinese compani●es to

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develop○ their busines〓s in the region."Th●e project can ad●vance Cameroon○'s digital econ〓omy, so its nati■on's citizens gain● better ac●cess to phone servic◆e and the Inte◆rnet.Huawei■ Marine Network〓s will utiliz?/p>

eep ◆being ahead

餰 an advance○d 100G technology○ system with 4 〓fiber optics pair●s that holds a de●sign capacity -◆ 32T-bit/s.SAIL ca○n bridge techno●logy gaps in the ●South-Sout●h region, so Afr●icans and S■outh Americ〓ans can enjo

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y a brig○hter future.Hi-g●rowth for e●merging marketsB●eijing has emb■arked on South-South◆ Cooperatio○n to boost trade, ○investments and in◆frastructure ●building i○n Africa and South 〓America.Ch○inese compani〓es are exploring new■ regions to op●en up manufactur●ing zones, tap ●into natural reso●urces a

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nd to devel●op a growin■g consumers' base○ in the emergi◆ng markets.〓 Cameroon, lo■cated in Cen◆tral Afric■a, offers major ●opportunities ○for Chinese fir●ms."It is a〓 great plea〓sure to partner ●with China ●Unicom and Hu○awei Marine Network●s on building the〓 SAIL cable syste●m," Emane to●ld Global Ti?/p>

tition,"● sai

餸es.He added, "Whe●n it is completed■, it will provi◆de new interna◆tional connectivity● to facilitate ◆band-width deman■d between 〓Africa and supp●ort the booming e■conomies in the two〓 continents."In● its current sta〓te, Cameroon's cabl◆es can not support● all the t○elecom conne●ctions in the count●ry.

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SAIL can bu◆ild capacity to○ meet national c○overage.Chin●a Unicom, the○ world's 4th-larges○t mobile servi◆ce provider by sub●scriber base, will ◆extend its Nationa●l Broadband Networ◆k (NBN) to Ca◆meroon.Trai■ning Cameroon'●s futureConstructin◆g infrastruc○ture that includ●es telecom net■works along wit

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h ro◆ads and rail●ways in Africa can○ help people● on the con●tinent rise abov〓e poverty. But ●Africans also ◆need better e○ducation and job sk■ills to succeed in ◆our globalized eco○nomy.Huawei ■Technologies has○ invited youn◆g Cameroonia●ns to partic●ipate in a t●raining project,■ known as ●"Seeds of

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the〓 Future," according● to Busine●ss in Came■roon Website.After ●a careful sele◆ction process, 10■ young Cameroonian●s will receive info●rmation and com〓munications train○ing (ICT) at H〓uawei's headqu○arters in Shenzhen◆, China.Traine〓es will participat〓e in a 1-wee■k program, attendi■ng lectures and pr〓act

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ical classes to○ strengthen their◆ knowledge, accord〓ing to Li Dafe○ng, senior vi○ce president of Hua■wei Group.Stude○nts can also inte〓ract with H◆uawei's engi?/p>

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餹eers and learn m■ore about the○ latest innovations ○developed by the hi■-tech giant.SAIL◆ connectionsCons●tructing a●n undersea fiberopt●ics cable line is ●no

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tw〓orkChina B

easy task●, especially when t●elecom cab◆le operato〓rs must stretch ◆it to 6,000-km.〓 in length◆. But, Chin●ese companies hav〓e introduced m●ajor equipment upgr

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e from anywhe?/span>

〓ades in the field●.The people o●f Brazil and Came■roon will ben●efit tremend●ously from such◆ advances, while Ch●inese inves〓tors and companies c◆an expand ●int

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o key emerging ●markets in● South Ame〓rica and Africa.Ch●ina's South-So○uth Cooperation wil●l open doors f■or Cameroo●n when SAIL is○ fully-conne■cted and performing ■to capacity. Thos●e living in Central● Africa can d○ial up their ph○ones, click on t■he internet ○to enjoy a ●more convenient○ connect

panies in the ●te

lecom sector h●ave built ●extensive f●i

ion w●ith people, or to◆ conduct business in■ a more efficient〓 manner.Accor○dingly, SAIL wil●l serve as 〓the vital conn〓ector for Camero■on's future and ○path to prosperity■.The opinions● expressed her○e do not necessaril〓y reflect the opini■on

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s compan●ies won't be dw●arfed by American ■bullying05-23-2〓019 10:12 BJTTh〓e United Stat◆es is taking ai●m at Chinese enterpr◆ises after◆ trade tensions es●calated betwee○n Washington and B〓eijing abou○t two weeks ●ago.After imposing t○rade restri◆ctions on Ch?/p>

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鬷na's leading te◆ch firm Huawei○, this week the Uni●ted States go◆vernment is◆sued a warni〓ng that Ch〓inese-made dron■es could pose a cy◆ber-espionage r○isk to American bus○inesses. Though it ○didn't mention■ a specific comp●any, the Shen○zhen-based market-le◆ader DJI is widely b●elieved to ○be t

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th〓 and senior citize〓ns.Chinese 〓telecoms and

he targ◆et. Washington ◆is also consideri○ng blacklisting th●e Chinese surveillan■ce technology ●company Hikvision a●nd blocking it from● purchasing from○ American comp〓anies. Some Americ●an politicians a■re even calling fo〓r an investigati●on into whether○ a plan to○

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ent ma〓nufacturers 〓have played cru■cia

use trains◆ made by Ch○ina's CRRC on the ●New York City sub●way could pose a○ threat to nat◆ional security.The ●attacks launched by● some America■n politicians again〓st Chinese hi◆gh tech firms over ●the past few da●ys didn't co■me out of ●nowhere. As the o●nly

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superpowe〓r in the wo●rld, the United Stat●es has superior● scientific, tech◆nological, military,● and economic stren〓gth. Despite this ●position, some○ of its politicians ●are extremely● narrow-minded ◆when it comes◆ to tolerati◆ng the development◆ of advanced 〓industries in oth■er countries. And th○ey

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